YO welcomes Buti Yoga!

For those of you who haven’t seen through all the various means of social media, Buti Yoga is now being offered at Yoga Oasis Downtown. Buti (yes, it is pronounced booty) is a fusion of power yoga, tribal dance and plyometric movement. It is high-energy, fast-moving and a lot of fun. Anyone is welcome to come try it out, though Buti is not recommended for folks healing an injury. Unlike most other classes offered at YO (and certainly unlike most that I teach) Buti does not include a great deal of alignment detail. Therefore it is most suitable for people who have had some experience in a traditional yoga practice and who are comfortable modifying or adjusting movements to suit their needs.

Expect music, pretty loud and aimed to get you moving. Expect to laugh and let your body move. Expect to get addicted – you won’t be the first! To learn more about Buti, please visit the website: https://butiyoga.com and if you would like to get a glimpse of what you are likely to encounter, please check out this video . I look so forward to seeing you in class! Wednesday night will be the most anticipated night of your week.