Archives for December 14, 2017

New Year’s Yoga

Please come join Jaimie Perkunas and me for New Year’s Eve Yoga at Yoga Oasis Central. This year the practice will go from 10:30pm to 12:30am on December 31st. The practice will involve some movement, some journaling and contemplation, mantra and meditation. If you haven’t joined us for this event in the past, come! It will be a New Year’s experience like none you have had before. Start your 2018 with conscious connection to yourself. 🙏

Keeping on

So it’s been a tough and beautiful few months. I have been through some relationship changes and commenced a master’s program in mental health counseling. There are multiple ways to move through this and a fair amount of experience in my background. I have been through life changes in a myriad of ways: marriage, divorce, moving across the country and starting a new life, watching my mother heal and emerge from a devastating accident, and holding space for my clients and students and friends and family through all of their own joys and losses.

I am practicing having my feelings. I am holding space for my sadness, and letting it be. I am holding space for my happiness and letting it be as well. What else is this yoga practice for, if not this very thing?