New Year’s Yoga

Please come join Jaimie Perkunas and me for New Year’s Eve Yoga at Yoga Oasis Central. This year the practice will go from 10:30pm to 12:30am on December 31st. The practice will involve some movement, some journaling and contemplation, mantra and meditation. If you haven’t joined us for this event in the past, come! It will be a New Year’s experience like none you have had before. Start your 2018 with conscious connection to yourself. 🙏

BUTI is here!

Join Tanya for Tucson’s only Buti Yoga class Wednesday evenings at Bodyworks Pilates on River and Campbell at St. Philip’s Plaza! This 60 minute class combines power yoga, tribal dance and plyometrics with emphasis on core strengthening and deep abdominal engagement and awareness. Empower yourself and connect to your beautiful amazing body and self. Welcome to the tribe!

New Class at Yoga Oasis Central

Tanya is excited to begin teaching Intro 2 Basics at Yoga Oasis Central on September 24th! This 75 minute class is intended to strengthen and build on an introductory practice. Expect attention to alignment, strength building, breath work, and learning about the body and self in and out of practice.

Join Tanya Wednesdays at Yoga Oasis Central!

Want to get your sweat on? Come to Tanya’s newest Yoga Hour class on Wednesdays at 12:15, Yoga Oasis Central.  60 minutes of briskly paced, alignment based hatha yoga will leave you feeling stretched, worked and ready to take on the rest of your day!

New Central Yoga Hour* Class

Join me at Yoga Oasis Central on Wednesday nights at 7:15 for Yoga Hour*.  The asterisk means you will be treated to one of 10 set sequences that are guaranteed to challenge and develop your practice.  Each sequence is well-rounded and many have poses that are not often found in regular yoga classes. It gives me the opportunity to explore growing my teaching skills by taking my mind off creating a sequence , and thus allowing me to help you connect to the poses in various ways. Com e have some fun!

New Years’ Eve with Jaimie and Tanya

Have you ever woken up on New Year’s Day with a hangover and wondered “What would it be like if I had started the year differently?”

5 years ago, I thought the same thing, and decided that I wanted to begin my new year doing my favorite thing: yoga.

Come spend New Year’s Eve with Jaimie Perkunas and Tanya Witman, for a yoga experience including intention-setting, asana (yoga postures and practice), journaling, mantra, and more.  This event is non-alcoholic, purposeful, and uplifting.

Bring some paper, a writing implement, an open mind, and wear comfortable clothes.

This will be your most intentional New Year’s ever.



Yoga Oasis – Central

2631 North Campbell Ave

10:00pm – 12:30 am

December 31st – January 1st

Suggested donation – $15

Yoga and Alexander Technique – Deconstructing Vinyasa

Come join Tanya Witman and Rochelle Reea for a fun, unique and informative workshop combining Alexander Technique and alignment-based yoga on September 28th from 11am to 2pm at Ignite Fitness in Tucson.

Alexander Technique focuses on identifying and correcting habits that we have developed over the years that prohibit our bodies from moving freely and painlessly.  Per Joan Arnold, a practitioner and author in New York, “The Alexander Technique is a way of learning to move mindfully through life. The Alexander process shines a light on inefficient habits of movement and patterns of accumulated tension, which interferes with our innate ability to move easily and according to how we are designed. It’s a simple yet powerful approach that offers the opportunity to take charge of one’s own learning and healing process, because it’s not a series of passive treatments but an active exploration that changes the way one thinks and responds in activity. It produces a skill set that can be applied in every situation. Lessons leave one feeling lighter, freer, and more grounded.”

In the first half of the workshop, Rochelle will introduce you to the Technique, and for the second part we will use what we learned as well as yoga cues to help deconstruct the foundational Sun Salutation.  You will leave the workshop clear on how to move through this flow of poses safely, with strength and awareness.



All levels are welcome – if you have current injuries please contact Rochelle or Tanya personally to discuss this ahead of time.vasistha

Cost: $40 before 9/28, $45 at the door

Space is limited, so please pre-register if possible by contacting Rochelle or Tanya


New Year’s is coming!

If you would like to spend your New Year’s Eve setting conscious intentions and love to do yoga, please come join me at Yoga Oasis Central at 2631 North Campbell Ave.  Jaimie Perkunas and I will be co-leading a class from 10pm until 12:30, December 31st/January 1st to get your 2013 going with a powerful push of positivity!  For more information, email or call: or (520) 304 3575

Circle Songs

I am starting a circle singing group in Tucson.  Circle singing is an improvisational connected experience for folks who love to sing, harmonize, beatbox, and make a joyful noise.  Want to know more about it?  Contact Tanya at to learn more

Moving Into Stillness

June 30th – July 1st, 2012 – Frank Jude Boccio and Bruce Bowditch will be leading a weekend workshop for the first time ever to help teach people how to balance the energies of diligence and surrender.  If you are interested in trying a workshop but have never been to one, this may be the opportunity for you!  Contact Yoga Oasis with questions and enjoy this special opportunity to deepen your relationship with yourself.

Moving Into Stillness