The word “chakra” in Sanskrit means wheel. Chakras are wheels of moving energy in the body where we can most easily connect to our energetic state. There are 7 major areas along the center of the body that are the most easy to access, from the root of the spine to the crown of the head.

Learning to attune to sensations in these areas can give a lot of information about one’s state of well-being. Learn more about chakras and chakra healing.

Mantra is often translated as “mind tool”. Mantra is the repetition of a word or phrase many times as part of a yoga or meditation practice. Tanya considers it to be related to the concept of dharana or single-pointed concentration. To her, chanting a mantra helps create intense focus on the concept you are working with via the physical vibration of sound within and without. Add this to the emotional and mental energy we use when we are meditating on a concept, for example, abundance. When we chant a mantra celebrating abundance, our ears take in the message, our bodies vibrate with sound, and our minds and hearts are geared toward the feeling of blessed abundance around us. What a powerful tool for creating an intentional state of reality in our own lives!

For more information on the healing power of sound, visit Tryshe Dhevney or Jonathan Goldman.

Chakra Songs by Vive Music Project

Tanya Witman and Gabriel Mann

chakra songs
Chakra Songs was positively reviewed in Spirituality and Health, Massage magazine and the U.K. periodical Yoga. It is available for download or CD purchase.

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Ca Sarvetaratra (And Everything Else) by Vive Music Project

Tanya Witman and Gabriel Mann

Ca Sarvetaratra was released in August of 2014. It has been positively reviewed by New Age music reviewers throughout the United States and the world. It is available for download or CD purchase.

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