Tanya is trained in multiple treatment modalities. Below is a list and brief description of each. Most treatments consist of a combination of several modalities, based on the client’s needs at that time. If there are particular styles you would like to experience, this can be arranged prior to the appointment.

Swedish Massage a relaxing oil massage using kneading, squeezing and gliding strokes to increase circulation, reduce pain and stiffness and open up soft tissue restriction.

Deep Tissue Massage therapeutic oil massage targeting underlying muscle dysfunction and tension to aid with specific issues.

Myofascial Release therapeutic massage techniques, frequently without oil, that open up and release fascial adhesions and tension that contribute to postural and kinesiological difficulties

Stretching/Range of Motion both passive and active stretching and range of motion techniques are useful in opening up limitations.

Rocking/Vibration applied for specific issues, rocking and vibration are similarly useful in opening up limitations as well as for general relaxation.

Lymphatic Drainage light, feathery, brisk strokes toward the heart combined with joint pumping movements to assist in lymphatic function. This can improve immune function, energy level, and aid in detoxification.

Prenatal massage performed with special attention to the needs and changes experienced during pregnancy. For most women, massage is considered beneficial throughout the entire pregnancy and can bring relief from soreness and swelling.

Infant Massage gentle massage for infants; babies love massage! Tanya can also teach moms and dads massage techniques for babies.

Polarity A manual therapy that combines the holding of pressure points and gentle stretching to balance the body’s energy. (Blue Cross Blue Shield)

Reiki A healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being. (Wikipedia)

Sound Healing Using sound in various forms, instrumental as well as vocal, to vibrationally affect the body and energetic field.

Essential Oil Therapy topical application of essential plant oils for medicinal as well as emotional effects.

Reflexology specific point pressure techniques applied to the feet, hands, and/or ears to affect areas of the body or health issues.

Thai Massage traditional massage from Thailand that involves a combination of stretching and gentle rocking, and uses a range of motions and acupressure techniques. The massage is oil free and performed on a mattress on the floor. Loose clothing is worn.

Indian Head Massage in India this has been practiced for over 1,000 years. A gentle but firm massage of the shoulders, neck, scalp and face that helps relieve headaches, migraines and stress.

Ayurvedic Massage massage performed by one or more therapists directly on the skin to loosen the excess doshas. Promotes circulation, increases flexibility, and relieves pain and stiffness. Applied with herbal oil.

Massage education learn to do massage on yourself or your loved ones. Tanya offers one-on-one or small group massage technique education. Would you like to learn how to help yourself or your partner relax or be more empowered to attend to your own pain? Schedule an educational session with Tanya to learn now! Education rates vary depending on length of session as well as number of attendees. Please inquire if interested.

Contact Tanya with questions about these modalities.