The word yoga is frequently translated as “union”. The physical practice of yoga postures is called asana. However, classically yoga also encompasses breathwork, meditation, detoxification, chanting, academic study, and even ethical observances.


An asana practice give the student the opportunity to use the body as a field in which to practice maintaining steady breath and mind amidst physical demands. The postures, when practiced with attention to alignment as well as one’s inner state, can free up energetic blocks and cultivate intentional means of acting and reacting in stressful situations. Thus the physical practice has benefits that exceed simply attaining strength and flexibility.


Conscious exercise of the breath and channeling the energy therein is referred to as pranayama. According to B.K.S. Iyengar, considered by many to be a foundational contributor to yoga as it is known nowadays, “My experience has led me to conclude that for an ordinary man or woman in any community of the world, the way to achieve a quiet mind is to work with determination on two of the eight stages of Yoga mentioned by Patanjali, namely, asana and pranayama.” It is recommended that when initiating a pranayama practice that a student seek out an experienced teach and practitioner. This way the practice can be introduced systematically and safely, becoming a valuable and contributory tool to the student’s health, well-being, and development.


A mantra practice is considered an essential piece of yoga practice as well. Mantra has several translations, one of which is mind-tool. It is a practice tool consisting of repeating a word or phrase many times over to assist on one-pointed concentration, to bring about shifts in mindset and to offer thanks and respect to the universal energies at work in one’s life. Akin to using affirmations, mantra is a means to reset the brain patterns that keep us locked in unnecessary versions of reality. For example a mantra about abundance can, through continued practice and repetition over time, bring about a shift in perception whereby one can see and notice all of the abundance in one’s life, and even change the underlying energies to bring about an actual change in the flow of abundance. A popular colloquialism states: “Energy flows where attention goes.”

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